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Empowering website creation teams

Open source components

All of the website components created with Glot are open source. The result: a widget store that offers an endless array of options, developed by contributors from the entire web building community, so that your organization can create responsive and multilingual websites with the best components possible.

Multilingual content, made easy

Glot creates websites that are intended to be multilingual, from the start. That is because every component available in the widget store can exist in as many language versions your organization requires. Seamless integration with Language Hub also means that websites created in Glot can be translated in seconds, and reviewed for publication in a fraction of the time that would normally be required. 

Membership management 

Every contributor to Glot websites - from the developers to the content creators and translators - is given an account, with membership levels and custom administrative permissions. Every account is entered into a searchable directory, with advanced expertise-based labels that allow for robust filtering and discoverability.