Web solutions for academic and government organizations

Multilingual, cloud and on-premise software


Academic information management

Streamline research funding applications, and reuse the data for the generation of bilingual progress reports and web profiles.

Create multilingual web pages for faculty, groups, equipment, resources, and research clusters.

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Build modular and multilingual websites

Open-source building blocks for creating websites according to industry's best practices.

Create multilingual, accessible and responsive websites, and enjoy the freedom to host them anywhere you want.

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Web Service For Enterprises

Website creation and optimization services

Proximify provides the insight and expertise needed for managing websites with a full range of services, spanning every stage of the website creation process.  

From the first social media post, to website visit, signup and overall interaction with your organization's online presence, data is the lifeblood of the decision making process. Proximify offers the enterprise-level support of data scientists to aggregate, study and make inferences from your online data, helping you to plan your next step. 

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