Proximify is a Canadian web services company based in the heart of Canada’s Capital. Our company was founded in 2011 by computer science researchers with backgrounds in pattern matching, artificial intelligence, web crawling and network security.

What is Proximify?

We create private collaboration networks that facilitate efficient work and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our software identifies connections among members of your network based on shared interests, skills and experience. It also provides various views of your organization - including maps, publications and intelligence clusters - and powerful filters to help you find exactly what you need. This allows you to visualize and search your talent pool; minimizing the risk of not spotting hidden potential.

We also offer a rich set of administrative features that allow you to collect and analyse valuable data across your network. Our software is fully configurable. This means that you can create your own templates, manage access and permissions and choose what to display publicly and what is private.


We combine the agility and excitement of a startup with the strength and stability of a tested product development company. We take pride in designing elegant solutions to real-world problems and our commitment to customer support has allowed us to compile an impressive portfolio of loyal clients.

Our technical leads have the opportunity to do both custom work and help to design and build new features. We also provide training and mentorship to our junior team members, creating a great opportunity for new grad students.

We are currently looking for skilled candidates for the following roles:

  • Backend Server Engineer - Linux
  • PHP/Javascript Developer
  • IT Configuration Manager

We believe in giving our employees the tools and support they need to grow and succeed. In exchange, we are looking for candidates who are independent, resourceful and can adapt to new challenges. We are also proudly based in Ottawa, so bilingualism is an asset for our customer-facing roles. If this sounds like you, please send us a message at